A commonly asked question is “how do you change the clock on the Astra with an aftermarket stereo?”

With the Eonon headunits, it is quite easy to do, but it is in no way obvious where to go! So I’ve created this video to show you exactly how it’s done!


Simply go to the SRC menu, then tap “SETUP” in the top left corner.

Once here, tap “INFO” on the bottom row.

Now tap the second icon, “HELP”

This displays a screen that represents the standard stereo buttons. Tap “SET” to enter the Settings menu. It should come up “System”. Tap “OK” to enter the System menu. Keep tapping “OK” to scroll through the options and use the arrows to change the setting. Once finished, just tap “SET”!

This works on the Eonon D5103, D5107 and D5108 head units. While this is shown, tried and tested in a Vauxhall Astra, this may apply to other cars as well. The head units fit in the Astra H, Zafira B, Corsa D, Vectra C and a few other models, so it may or may not work for these as well.