You will hopefully have seen my Mass NTFS Compression Tool in the scripts section. From version v1.4 of this script, there is a function to add a status check. The idea behind this is that you can have multiple copies of the Mass NTFS Compression Tool running and use this script to monitor the status of all scripts. There is no limit to the number of scripts you can have running at the time (other than available resources) and this checking tool can be used to monitor remote instances.

I found a large scale use for the Mass NTFS Compression Tool in my job and found that I was running up to 9 instances of the script at a time, passing a CSV file of 25,000 files at a time. As I was running them on a remote machine, I wanted a quick and easy way to monitor the progress of the scripts without having to frequently RDP back to the machine and read the output of 9 scripts.

To use this script, use the -statusNum parameter on the Mass NTFS Compression Tool. Each -statusNum will then generate a log file in Logs\ntfscompress-1.log where 1 is the -statusNum. This script will then read every log file in that location and display an output of how the script is progressing.

Running this script is simple. In the same location as the Mass NTFS Compression Tool, run: .\NTFSCompression-StatusCheck.ps1

If you would like to change the refresh time in seconds (for example, 7 seconds instead of the default 3), you can use the -refresh switch: .\NTFSCompression-StatusCheck.ps1 -refresh 7

Lastly, if you are running the script from a different location to where your log files are stored, you can use the -logs switch to point to a different or network location to find the logs: .\NTFSCompression-StatusCheck.ps1 -logs C:\path\to\logs

The output of the script should look similar to the screenshot below.

download-icon.273921f460a0c6119fe317a1393d1ce1 Download Mass NTFS Compression Tool – Status Check v1.1