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Replace iPod Classic HDD with SSD

iPod Classics are still sought after devices despite Apple having discontinued production. A common point of failure is the spinning HDD failing, but you need not throw the device away when it fails.

This guide shows you how to upgrade your iPod Classic’s HDD with a newer technology SSD.

Ubuntu Linux: Invert scrolling on Synaptics trackpad

With the modern age of smartphones and tablets, people are getting used to the more natural scrolling offered by these devices, but your average laptop trackpad still uses the standard, un-natural scrolling.

This guide describes how you can configure natural scrolling within Ubuntu Linux

Running Man v1.0

This script is just a bit of silliness I made while bored one afternoon. It does nothing interesting other than make a stickman run backwards and forwards in a PowerShell window. View / Download Script

Enable RDP using the registry editor

Sometimes you might find that you need to connect remotely to a PC, but it is not allowing remote desktop connections. If you do not have any other remote access software available, and the PC is in another location, this quick fix can come in quite handy.

This guide will show you how to enable RDP using the registry editor.

CPL & MSC Definitions

In Windows operating systems, the Control Panel is a vital part of the operating systems functionality, allowing you to change the way the operating system looks and behaves. In some environments, such as a domain with Group Policy restrictions, you may need to call some Control Panel items using the command line.

All Control Panel items run using .cpl files stored in the System32 folder. Here is a reference for the file names & which Control Panel extension it runs.

Idera Up.Time Agent Password Setter v1.1


This PowerShell script is specific to a piece of software called Idera Up.Time Infrastructure Monitor. We have recently started using this great monitoring application, but I found some parts of rolling it out across our infrastructure a little bit tedious or prone to human error. One such part being setting the up.time agent’s password.» Continue reading...

Mass NTFS Compression Tool v1.5


This PowerShell tool allows you to apply NTFS compression on mass with full visibility of what files are being compressed. The tool runs from a CSV file with at least two columns, “Name” and “Path”. This essentially matches a report exported from Treesize.

Once the script is launched, a progress bar will be displayed at the top of the screen showing how far through the CSV file the script has run, giving an indication of how many files are left to compress.» Continue reading...

Scripts Section

As you may or may not know, I work in the IT sector, specifically as a Production Support analyst dealing with server & application support.

I am not a big fan of mundane and tedious tasks, who is? We've had a lot of talk about PowerShell in the office recently, but very few people seem to understand what it is, how to use it, or have the patience to learn any sort of scripting, so I've taken this as a great opportunity to get myself involved and learn this great language.

As I write new scripts, any that I feel would be useful to others, more so those that are not specific to my environment, I will be sharing them online, so I have created a scripts section here. Any scripts I upload are free to use and by all means feel free to ask questions and critique my scripts. I am only just starting out in the world of PowerShell, so I expect my scripts won't be perfect or as tidy as they could be. I'm always happy to help others out and appreciate it when people critique my work as it helps me better my skills.

The first script I have uploaded is my Local Administrator Tool v1.0. This is a script I have written as I have found myself in a position where I have a service account that must be a local administrator on around 400 servers. I don't particularly fancy logging onto 400 servers and manually granting this account local administrator rights, so I've created a script that I can just pass a username (or a list of users) and a list of servers (or just the one server if I fancied). It'll then go off and, so long as the account running it has the permissions to do so, grant the local administrator rights to the specified account. Many hours saved! Hooray!

Local Administrator Tool v1.0


This PowerShell tool allows easy and quick automation of local administrator rights on Windows boxes. You can specify a user & a server, a list of users & a list of servers, or a mixture of both.

Download the Local Administrator Tool v1.0 here!

Source Code

“In order to continue the installation, please close the following application: iTunes”

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is finally out and so far, it seems pretty cool. There are a lot of nice new features that make a great OS even greater and it is will worth the £21 price tag!

I’ve always liked tinkering around with some basic development and creating some small apps for myself that help me do what I want to do. Usually no use to anyone else, but they help me :) The one thing that put me off trying to develop anything for Mac OS X though was that by the time I came to actually be interested in tinkering with Mac development, Apple had started charging for their Xcode aplication. It was only a small price, but considering how often I’d use it, I wasn’t prepared to purchase it unless I was serious about development. I did notice though, that since upgrading to Lion, Xcode is now free in the Apple App Store, so I jumped on the opportunity before they start charging for it again.