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My last.fm account has moved

For those who follow me on Last.fm (all one of you, likely), I have decided to bring my Last.fm account in line with my online presence. I have a few reasons, one being that my username, “xmbo”, is not used anywhere else. I go by the name “Nimraynn” absolutely everywhere, so I’ve created a new account to reflect this.» Continue reading...

Replace iPod Classic HDD with SSD

iPod Classics are still sought after devices despite Apple having discontinued production. A common point of failure is the spinning HDD failing, but you need not throw the device away when it fails.

This guide shows you how to upgrade your iPod Classic’s HDD with a newer technology SSD.

“In order to continue the installation, please close the following application: iTunes”

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is finally out and so far, it seems pretty cool. There are a lot of nice new features that make a great OS even greater and it is will worth the £21 price tag!

I’ve always liked tinkering around with some basic development and creating some small apps for myself that help me do what I want to do. Usually no use to anyone else, but they help me :) The one thing that put me off trying to develop anything for Mac OS X though was that by the time I came to actually be interested in tinkering with Mac development, Apple had started charging for their Xcode aplication. It was only a small price, but considering how often I’d use it, I wasn’t prepared to purchase it unless I was serious about development. I did notice though, that since upgrading to Lion, Xcode is now free in the Apple App Store, so I jumped on the opportunity before they start charging for it again.