As standard, the angel eyes made for the Vauxhall Astra H have the usual yellowy look bulbs in and when fitted with HIDs or white bulbs, this doesn’t always look quite as good as having a crisp white. This guide will show you how to change the bulbs.

This guide is based on DEPO angel eyes. I do believe these are the only manufacturer to produce angel eyes for the Astra H, but this may not be the case so please make sure yours are the same before following this guide.

The type of bulb is 286.

Disclaimer: This is written for information purposes only. I take no responsibility for any damage that may be caused by following the instructions written in this guide.

To start with, I’ve roughly ringed where the bulbs are in the following image:

This is what it looks like from behind. This is the main beam section, but they’re both roughly the same:

Where I’m pointing to in this picture is one of the bulb holders. There are four of these in a square shape. They’re all interlinked together with the blue and white cables and form a complete circuit. You’ll find that if one doesn’t work, anything in the circuit after it won’t work either…

The bulb holder just pulls out:

Once you’ve pulled that out, the bulb also just pulls out:

Push the new one in and then push the bulb holder back into the hole it came from.

There’s 4 LEDs per halo, and there’s two halos a side. So that’s 16 LEDs you’ll need in total. Here is the result of changing them (Y)