Find/Replace Script v1.0

This PowerShell script is a simple find/replace tool, much like the ones you find inside your favourite text editors. Unlike most text editors, however, this will run against all files of a certain extension within a specified folder. This enables you to edit, say for example, every CSV file in folder C:\LotsofCSVfiles.

I wrote this script as I had a large number of CSV files that I needed the same find/replace function performed on all files. Rather than opening 100+ CSV files and running a find/replace one-by-one, I could simply tell this script to search for all files in the folder and do the find/replace.

By default, the script looks for CSV files, but using the -Ext parameter, you can select a different file extension. As the standard functions work via regular expressions, I have also added a line to escape any characters to prevent failures.

Usage: .\FindReplace.ps1 -Path C:\folder\path -String "findme" -Replace "replaceme" [-Ext txt]

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CSV Tool: Remove Last Line v1.1

This PowerShell script is part of a group of CSV Tools I have written. The script is a simple one that simply removes the last line of an inputted CSV file. It can obtain the CSV file either by being directly passed the name of a CSV file, by being given a text file list or finally by searching a directory for all CSV files.» Continue reading...

Vauxhall Astra H: Changing angel eye sidelight bulbs

As standard, the angel eyes made for the Vauxhall Astra H have the usual yellowy look bulbs in and when fitted with HIDs or white bulbs, this doesn't always look quite as good as having a crisp white. This guide will show you how to change the bulbs.

This guide is based on DEPO angel eyes and shows you how to change these sidelight bulbs.

BMW E46 (3-series): Installing Centre Armrest

An armrest is a great addition to any car. It makes driving the car much more comfortable and can be a life saver on those long journeys. The BMW E46 came with an option for an armrest, and some models came with them as standard, but if like me, you don't have one fitted already, they are relatively simple to fit for someone who is handy with a screwdriver.

This guide will show you how to install an armrest in your E46

Replace iPod Classic HDD with SSD

iPod Classics are still sought after devices despite Apple having discontinued production. A common point of failure is the spinning HDD failing, but you need not throw the device away when it fails.

This guide shows you how to upgrade your iPod Classic’s HDD with a newer technology SSD.

Ubuntu Linux: Invert scrolling on Synaptics trackpad

With the modern age of smartphones and tablets, people are getting used to the more natural scrolling offered by these devices, but your average laptop trackpad still uses the standard, un-natural scrolling.

This guide describes how you can configure natural scrolling within Ubuntu Linux

Running Man v1.0

This script is just a bit of silliness I made while bored one afternoon. It does nothing interesting other than make a stickman run backwards and forwards in a PowerShell window. View / Download Script

Mass NTFS Compression Tool – Status Check v1.1


You will hopefully have seen my Mass NTFS Compression Tool in the scripts section. From version v1.4 of this script, there is a function to add a status check. The idea behind this is that you can have multiple copies of the Mass NTFS Compression Tool running and use this script to monitor the status of all scripts.» Continue reading...

Enable RDP using the registry editor

Sometimes you might find that you need to connect remotely to a PC, but it is not allowing remote desktop connections. If you do not have any other remote access software available, and the PC is in another location, this quick fix can come in quite handy.

This guide will show you how to enable RDP using the registry editor.

CPL & MSC Definitions

In Windows operating systems, the Control Panel is a vital part of the operating systems functionality, allowing you to change the way the operating system looks and behaves. In some environments, such as a domain with Group Policy restrictions, you may need to call some Control Panel items using the command line.

All Control Panel items run using .cpl files stored in the System32 folder. Here is a reference for the file names & which Control Panel extension it runs.