Script Name Script Description
PowerShell_5.0_icon CSV Tool: Remove Last Line v1.1 This PowerShell script is a simple CSV tool that removes the last line of a CSV file. Either one individual CSV file can be passed, or a list/directory of CSV files to allow editing of multiple files.
PowerShell_5.0_icon Find/Replace Script v1.0 This PowerShell script is a simple find/replace tool, much like the ones you find inside your favourite text editors. Unlike most text editors, however, this will run against all files of a certain extension within a specified folder. This enables you to edit, say for example, every CSV file in folder C:\LotsofCSVFiles.
PowerShell_5.0_icon Idera up.time Agent Password Setter v1.1 This PowerShell script is specific to a piece of software called Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor. The script can be used to set the Uptime Agent password on multiple servers remotely, saving hours of time logging onto each server and setting the password individually.
PowerShell_5.0_icon Local Administrator Tool v1.0 This PowerShell script acts as a tool for managing local administrators on remote computers. It can be used to find a list of local administrators and also to add/remove users from local administrators. The tool can work with multiple remote computers at a time, enabling you to mass apply a setting across a number of machines without having to log into each one individually.
PowerShell_5.0_icon Mass NTFS Compression Tool v1.5 This PowerShell script acts as a tool to compress files on the NTFS filesystem. The script works from a CSV file formatted like Treesize, but provides you realtime updates and reporting, unlike the Treesize Pro versions I have used.
PowerShell_5.0_icon Mass NTFS Compression Tool – Status Check v1.1 This PowerShell script is an addition to the Mass NTFS Compression Tool v1.5. If you are running multiple scripts, either locally or remotely, you can see the current status of all scripts from this monitoring script.
PowerShell_5.0_icon Proxy Server Checker v1.0 This PowerShell script checks the functionality of a specified proxy server. It will pass requests to get specified web sites and report on whether they actually came back OK or not. This check will prove that the server is processing requests and can be useful for monitoring systems.
PowerShell_5.0_icon Network Scanner v1.0 This PowerShell script is a network scanner. Utilising the Invoke-PingSweep function, it will attempt to ping each host in the specified range and if it gets a response, it will attempt to find open ports from a specified list.
PowerShell_5.0_icon RDP Connection Setter v1.0 This PowerShell script automates the task of enabling RDP connections on remote machines. The manual process is described in my Windows guide, Enable RDP using the registry editor
PowerShell_5.0_icon Running Man v1.0 This PowerShell script is just something silly that I made while bored one day. It does nothing interesting. It just makes a stickman run back and forth on the screen for all eternity.